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Medicaid Services Announced Final Home Health Care Franchise Rules

Medicaid Services Announced Final Home Health Care Franchises Rules You will find about 6,000 home health care franchises operating across the country that are certified to provide assistance to those relying on Medicare or Medicaid services. These home treatment agencies provide a large breadth of services, including assistance with basic jobs or everyday living, including meals preparation,…

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HSA’s and Care Franchise Ownership

This savings account could power your retirement They’re great on taxes, but you’ll need good luck — and good health. BY ANDREA COOMBES, MARKETWATCH – 01/20/2017 If you don’t know what a health savings account is, it’s time to find out.These accounts, which are available only to people who have a high-deductible health plan, offer…

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Are You Burned-out At Your Job?

Is Work Stress Leading to Job Burn Out? We talk with people all of the time and the most common motivation for searching for a Health Care Franchise it is always “I am burned out at work!” Every job brings along the occasional bout of stress. However, when you work for that unreasonable boss or…

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How to research a Care Franchise

What is a Care Franchise Discovery Day? When researching a Care Franchise one of the most important components of your research should be to attend a Discovery Day. Discovery Day is simply defined as an open house by the Care Franchise company. Discovery days are held by franchisors for potential candidates who have met the…

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Executive Care soon to offer in-home care service in Pasadena

Executive Care soon to offer in-home care service in Pasadena Executive Care to offer in-home care in Pasadena By Kevin Smith, San Gabriel Valley Tribune Monday, January 30, 2017 Executive Care, a New Jersey-based company that provides in-home care for seniors and the disabled, has signed a franchise agreement to open an office in Pasadena.…

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