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3 Things You Need to Do to Grow Your Care Franchise Naturally

3 Things You Need to Do to Grow Your Care Franchise Naturally

Building a successful care franchise requires laser focus. Every entrepreneur wants to grow his or her business, but it’s that focus on growth that ultimately stands in the way of the desired growth.


The point is that you can focus on growth all you want, but unless you find a way to provide more value, your growth will be slow. Take Amazon for example. They are constantly finding ways to provide more value to their customers — from free same-day shipping to testing 30-minute drone-delivery — and that sets them apart from other e-commerce retail options.

The same value-focused approach can be applied to any care franchise.

I’m constantly networking, and since I spend a considerable amount of time in Oklahoma City these days, I have met several local business owners, one being Grover Walker, CEO of SaonMedia, a digital marketing, promotion and distribution company in the music industry.

While speaking with Walker, we discussed care franchise growth and the importance of providing value. Below are three value components that can grow your care franchise naturally across every industry.

1. Helping your customers become more successful and happier.

“Our artists love creating music and performing, and our goal is to help them succeed and ‘make it’ in this extremely competitive industry. With each client comes a different sound and unique personality, which we develop the marketing campaign around. Simply helping our artists do what they love has resulted in countless referrals and further business relationships within the music industry,” explained Walker.

This approach applies to everything — from business-to-business online marketing tools to consumer health and beauty products.

An online invoicing and accounting tool helps a care franchise be more efficient, allowing them to dedicate more time and focus on other areas of their business — helping them to become more successful. A consumer product like my teeth-whitening brand grows exponentially simply by making customers happy — in this case, by helping them whiten their teeth.

2. Being more innovative than your competition.

SaonMedia’s current focus is digital distribution to major digital and mobile retailers, and in the early years of development, they were limited to just music digital distribution to a select few digital retailers. However, after securing a deal with distribution giant The Orchard, they emerged as a leading distributor in the music industry.

“It took careful research and hands-on experience to realize that distribution alone was not enough for our artists,” explained Walker. “We realized that content marketing and promotion created valuable engagement between our music artists and their fans. We then developed a platform for artists to market and promote their music in a more efficient manner.”

Now, SaonMedia offers their marketing platform, consisting of music and video placement, content creation and radio play, to all independent artists. This approach allows music artists to deal with one company rather than several.

3. Giving your customers something your competitors can’t.

Walker’s company introduced this new marketing platform for independent music artists, which was something that his competition wasn’t focused on, explaining, “We believe that a direct-to-consumer strategy is an important key to success in the digital marketplace, so we made it a priority to offer this to our artists to help them succeed in a very competitive industry.”

This point circles back to the beginning, where I used Amazon’s 30-minute drone-delivery service as an example. They were the first to come to market with this, but one would be foolish to think that other e-commerce giants won’t follow behind.

That doesn’t make Amazon’s efforts any less meaningful — natural growth is about constantly finding new ways to provide extra value that isn’t found elsewhere. “If you are struggling to come up with ideas, poll your customers. Simply asking them how you can deliver more value will often provide you with the feedback required,”

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website. to learn more about the home healthcare business.

Ready to Buy a Senior Care Franchise? Here Are 9 Things You Need to Know!

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Non Medical Home Care Franchises

Non Medical Home Care Franchises Making a Difference

Non Medical Home Care Franchises,When given to him his own Non Medical Home Care Franchise care, he provides a wide range of possibilities. For you as an entrepreneur, it is the opportunity to realize the dreams we have always had on their own terms to make a living with you as your own boss. However, ownership of franchise offices in the senior care sector also has an opportunity to make a difference and has a positive impact on their local community. Older people deserve a life of dignity and agility, but can not afford it so that each community comes together to provide resources and support. As a medical technician, you will mix your business as another valuable resource with the fabric of your region.

Here are some of the ways you can make a difference in your community, not just for the elderly who can benefit from the services you provide, but also for their families, friends, and neighbors.

Join us!

This may seem an obvious first step seems to connect with the larger community, but you wonder how much has really familiar you with seniors problems in your environment. How many franchisees for the elderly, bringing their own experiences to his family and private life, but took advantage of the problems of the elderly in their specific region to influence?

Look for ways to engage with older people and their families, participate in community events that pensioners are interested in, and take the time to learn about the issues and developments that affect the community – especially when referring to People who lived there longer. Join local groups on Facebook and make sure that your voice is heard as the defense of the elderly and their needs. Make sure you show your face in the real world and do not be afraid to take advantage of home care at home!

3 Ways to Make Your Care Non Medical Home Care Franchise a Difference in Your Region Meet the people who are dependent on them

You are the person at the top of his Non Medical Home Care Franchises, which means that you have to wear many hats.

One of this hat is used by the person who cared for the elderly because it wants the best for seniors who want to live a happy, healthy and independent life.

Caregivers work with older people daily, but it is helpful if you know who your clients are personally. Ask your Non Medical Home Care Franchises,customers on a regular basis, and be sure to keep an ongoing dialogue with their families so that you can be “in the loop” regarding changes to their stories and situations. This is one of the most important ways for you to show that you are more than entrepreneurs – you are also a local leader who is interested!

Your company has a mission that is certainly aligned with the visions set by the organization’s local non-profit and other organizations. You can support these organizations with their time, money and energy, which shows the community you are passionate about the same causes, what interests them.

You can also consider events and institutions of the community, with a great eye for these sponsoring events that are of particular interest to people

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the . Top 10 Senior Care Franchises Website  to learn more about the home healthcare business

Senior Care Franchise-Youtube

Non Medical Home Care Franchise

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Home Care Franchises and Medicaid

Home Care Franchises MedicaidRural communities are concerned about access to Home Care Franchises for those who rely on Medicaid While much of the attention to support domestic care men and women in urban and suburban areas includes the country there are still millions of people living in rural areas communities. -These rural communities are men and women who are concerned about accessing various services with incisions to expect more programs that are implemented or even proposed across the country in different states.

With the Republican push to replace the law with the low cost of health care – by some seen how to reduce the cost of healthcare failed – there is a lot of confusion about how it affects people in rural areas.

A disproportionately high proportion of all of the revenue and tax sales is usually determined with a higher concentration of people in cities and regions and often leaves rural communities struggling with the remains in the budget yet to do so. This does not provide valuable resources for health care or home care.

NBC News reported in the article, Health Care in Rural Communities Uncertain as Medicaid Cuts Loom, written by Vaughn Hillyard:

“We know that rural hospitals disproportionally serve our low-income, older, sicker populations in the country, and to the extent that we can assure that they have the insurance there to pay for that care will be vital for rural hospital viability,” said Mark Holmes, a professor at the University of North Carolina and director of the North Carolina Rural Health Research and Policy Analysis Center.

The board of the hospital that Hicks is taking a chance on said the facility was financially insolvent just two years ago. Sayre’s residents had voted in favor of two separate one-cent sales tax increases — in 2007 and 2012 — to try and save it from closure.”

When hospitals struggle to stay operational when local authorities do not provide adequate support, it usually means that the residents have fewer options when they have it. Finding Home Care Franchises is already a challenge for men and women, especially older people in these rural communities.

As budget cuts show several programs, including home care, access to the level of care and appropriate support can also prove even more difficult. Too often, the overwhelming majority of care for home care and care focuses on the cities, but men and women in rural areas also deserve the same level of support.

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website. to learn more about the home healthcare business.

Medicaid Services Announced Final Home Health Care Franchise Rules

Donald Trump and Senior Care Franchises

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Offer home health care education when seniors want to be left alone | The Augusta Chronicle

The 84-year-old man who had suffered a ministroke was insistent as he spoke to a social worker about being discharged from the hospital: He didn’t want anyone coming into his home – he didn’t think he needed any help.


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Memory Fair to educate caregivers, community about dementias | Times Free Press

Experts on Alzheimer’s disease will take part in the eighth annual Memory Fair scheduled Thursday evening at Morning Pointe of Chattanooga at Shallowford. Keynote speaker is Dr. Terry Melvin. This year’s theme is “Continuum of Care: Addressing Dementia from First Signs to Final Stages.”


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Succession Planning: How to Ensure Your Business Will Thrive Without You #FinanceYourBusiness

When you begin planning your exit from the company you founded, these eight tips will help you smooth the way.


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How to Start A Top Home Care Franchise


How to Start A top home care franchise- Rule 1-Don’t  let  low office Morale derail your establishing a Top home care franchise–A good home care franchise owner knows when their workplace morale has hit its low point.  Often it involves employees looking as though they have been dragged into work, employees that look distraught, and a higher rate of employee turnover.

Morale is not just important for employee retention; in a top home care franchise morale is what fosters better cooperation, increased production, and improves your profits.  Check out these common reasons workplace morale tanks – and how to fix them.

  1. Employees Do Not See or Feel Like They are Part of the End-Goal in a top home care franchise.

Your employees are working for your  home care franchise so that your business can achieve something bigger. However, if they are unaware of the end-goal or how they are working toward it, you may find that they are unmotivated to help you reach those goals.

You can overcome this just by motivating and inspiring your team with your vision. Tell them where you want to be, why you have set the goals you have, and the ultimate purpose of your top home care franchise.

  1. Wasted Potential for Employees–Workplace morale falls when talent goes to waste.

You have hired talented professionals to do a job, but perhaps they are overqualified for that job or have different interests than what the job offers. When this happens, an employee ultimately becomes bored or frustrated.  For employees that are overqualified, see if there is an opportunity to move them into a more advanced position. It saves you the financial loss of turnover and could improve the employee’s outlook on work.

  1. Employees Feel their Boss Does Not Care

As a small business owner, you know that leadership is critical, but so is showing your human side. You should show employees that they are more than just a worker bee. That means recognizing birthdays, sending flowers for new babies, offering wedding congratulations, and more. Forbes highlights that employees are the lifeblood of your top home care franchise; therefore, taking care of them should be your priority. After all, without your staff, where would your business be?

  1. Work Has Become “Ordinary”

Employees should feel their work is extraordinary. To do this, you may need to leave the routine of cubicles and traditional work styles. Consider an open floor plan for your office staff or use the collaborative workforce rather than each employee working on their own. Adding some friendly competition among teams or even departments can also help boost team building as well as overall morale.

  1. Inconsistent Team Goals

Giving your employees something to work toward is excellent. However, those goals must be consistent. If you tell an employee one thing, but change the target later, your employee may not have a solid sense of what is important or ever feel as though they have accomplished.  Assign your team something they can accomplish, and give clear guidelines so that there is never any confusion about what your expectations are of them. Most importantly, tell staff when they have reached their goal and give them a moment to celebrate that fact.

How do you find a Top home care franchise?

Start by making a list of companies expanding in your area. One of the Senior Care Franchise Brokers at Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website  can generate a list of companies free of charge. Simply complete the questionnaire below to get started:

Senior Care Questionnaire (takes about 5 minutes to complete)

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home health company adds pet program

Salem home health company adds pet therapy program

A home healthcare company is making a difference for patients with a special visitor. Mitch Davis, Interim Healthcare, president and CEO said, “A patient that is having difficulty stretching or range of motion they may not want to do it when the therapist asks, but if you get the dog involved I can actually help them improve their function.”


What Is A Care Franchise Discovery Day Video?

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Jane Young: Small business owners need retirement plan | Colorado Springs Gazette, News

When you leave the corporate life to become a business owner, you lose the…


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Dementia Isn’t Just a Memory Disorder

Dementia Isn’t Just a Memory Disorder

From the ComforCare Blog: Posted by Deborah Bier, PhD on March 22, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Memory loss is the most commonly known disability connected with dementia. Yet, dementia is so much more than just a memory disorder. Here are some other types of disorders that may occur with dementia:

Movement: With many types of dementia, both fine and gross motor abilities decline, increasing a person’s fall risk. As dementia progresses, their ability to move typically becomes so impaired they need help with their personal care needs. In later stages, many become unable to walk or sit safely in a chair. Parkinson’s disease is a well-known movement disorder that may lead to dementia.

Communication: Many types of dementia impact the person’s ability to receive, send and process hearing, language, and/or speech. not-just-memory-loss.pngIn one type of dementia, called primary affective aphasia (a type of frontotemporal dementia), the person loses the ability to speak over time. Most, if not all, types of dementia involve difficulty in communication such as problems using and recalling words, disorganized speech or the inability to form understandable words due to movement disabilities. The ability to read and write also declines, and in later stages, the person may not be able to speak or understand language.

Behavior: Someone with dementia may act out or display unusual behavior or emotional upset in ways that vary person to person. This can involve an increased emotional sensitivity: getting angry, annoyed or nervous easier. The person may argue, become frustrated or have trouble learning. There could be inappropriate actions or emotional outbursts, such as temper tantrums. These behaviors can negatively affect the person’s ability to maintain relationships and interact with other people. Research is beginning to point to mild behavioral impairment as a very early sign of dementia.

Understanding the true nature of dementia enables us to provide appropriate care to people who live with it. With that knowledge, we can help keep them safe and happy. We can promote their independence by allowing them to do what they still can and assisting only in ways they need help.

For more caregiving tips, download our 10 Practical Care Tips Families Can Use When Caring for Someone With Dementia.

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