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5 Good Reasons a Senior Care Franchise  Owner Should Take Vacation

5 Good Reasons a Senior Care Franchise  Owner Should Take Vacation

So you think you’re not justified in taking time away from your5 Reasons a Senior Care franchise owner need a Vacation

business because you’re A senior care franchise owner? Here are five great reasons

why you should definitely take a vacation:

1. Physical down time

You work hard to grow and maintain your business. Trying to be

superhuman will certainly take its toll if you allow it to. Give your body

a break by taking in some R&R.

2. Mental down time

Your days are filled with busy, sometimes even hectic, day-to-day

activities related to your business. If you don’t allow yourself to get

away from it once in a while, your peace of mind and general well-

being will most definitely suffer. Get out and play. Your mind will

thank you!

3. Spend time with loved ones

9k= - 5 Good Reasons a Senior Care Franchise  Owner Should Take VacationYour family and friends see you working, working, working,

sometimes rarely coming up for air. Both you and they will appreciate

spending some quality time together.

4. See the world (or your own back yard)

The important thing is to do something you enjoy, whether it’s

traveling or, if that’s not your cup of tea or you don’t have the budget

for it, spend time at home. If you also work out of your home, this

could be challenging. The key is to stay out of your office during your

vacation time. Try getting creative with this. Make your office “off

limits” by closing the door and placing a sign on it. Do whatever it

takes to keep your mind off working. How about a hobby or a day trip

to the beach? Think of what you can do within your budget that’s fun.

Or do nothing at all!

5. You have a life

Although this one is a no-brainer, it surprises me how many smallimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcTnguGnsQrz3xYZ1qqAAW3Hg oXb3g0RWtV5ASMkp2MPGogh5id - 5 Good Reasons a Senior Care Franchise  Owner Should Take Vacation

business owners don’t feel as if they deserve time off. There is too

much to do, and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Well,

I’ve got news for you. It’s always going to feel that way! Only you

have the power to allow yourself time off. Even if you prefer only to

take a day here and a day there instead of a week-long (or longer)

vacation each year, that’s a whole lot better than never taking time

off. Trust me, you’ll feel better about yourself and your work if you

take regular vacation time. You’ll be healthier, too!

Home Health Care Business

Video Purchase Senior Care Franchise

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3 Steps In Staying Motivated When Opening A Home Health Agency

3 Steps In Staying Motivated When Opening A Home Health Agency


Motivation is simply the energy that drives discipline.

3 Steps In Staying Motivated When Opening A Home Health Agency–There are many roadblocks to one’s motivation when you’re thinking about opening your own business. we all haveZ - 3 Steps In Staying Motivated When Opening A Home Health Agency an “uncle know-it-all”, who reminds you Of all of the negative consequences ( and none of the positives) to opening a home health agency.

So how do you deal with all of the negativity you’re being bombarded with when you’re thinking about making the biggest decision of your career, of your investment opportunities, and most importantly your family’s future.

The answer lies in motivation.

Motivation is simply the energy that drives discipline. When someone sets a goal and determines to be successful in any endeavor, motivation is what drives them. Everyone can be excited at the beginning of the journey. However, the battle is won in those moments when you have setbacks, encounter obstacles, or really just, “don’t feel like it.” The dirty secret about staying motivated is that you won’t always feel motivated. Sometimes, you will have to set out to do something even when you don’t feel it. Those are the moments when you have to reach deep within and find that motivation–that energy–to practice discipline and accomplish the task paving the way to achieving your goal.

Despite those mundane moments in the trenches when you have to keep going despite a lack of motivation, there are tons of proven methods of How to motivate yourself. Below are a few ways to find your goal’s muse.

How to Actually Get Things Done on Friday Afternoons

  1. Find The Source – What drives you? What keeps you going? What is the end game? Whether it’s owning your own business, becoming financially free, or achieving a weight-loss goal, identify the reason why you set out do what you are even doing in the first place. With the end-game in mind, you can always work backwards.
  2. Eliminate Failure Before It Happens – Sometimes you have to tell yourself what is not going to happen in order to accomplish what you want to happen. If your goal is to lose weight, and you normally eat fast food five times a week, reprogram your mind by saying, “I only eat fast food once a week as a reward to myself for eating healthy all week.” Or, “I only watch one hour of television per night and spend that extra time working on my business.” By eliminating the opportunity for failure, you include the possibility of success.
  3. Accountability – Surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable for the goals you have set to achieve. These accountability partners will be there to provide support, a listening ear, and motivation when you most need it. Sometimes, what they have to say is just what you needed to hear. And sometimes, what they have to say is what you don’t want to hear, but desperately need to hear.

Whenever we make set a goal to accomplish, there is an initial motivation that drives us. However, the key to achieving goals is to stay motivated throughout the process. There may be times when you don’t feel motivated and may have to persevere despite your feelings. But by identifying the end-game, eliminating opportunities for failure before they happen, and keeping positive people in your corner who will not only tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, you will be well ahead of everyone else in staying motivated to achieve your goals

It is your goal to open a home healthcare agency and end of the beginning the excitement of owning a franchise was motivation in itself. However, you must stay motivated through the research and ultimate decision of owning your own business. a Harvard Business study indicated that 99% of the people talk about owning a business, but only 1% or actual business owners! by listing out what you hope to achieve by owning a business and posting those goals where you can see them and be reminded of why you are doing this will help in your motivation. whether it is a simple as getting away from your “employment situation” or being able to spend more time, quality time with your children and family you can accomplish all of your goals in starting a home health care agency franchise.

Successful Executive Care Franchise

Home Health Care Business

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How To Become One of The Top Home Care Franchises 2018


How To Become One of The Top Home Care Franchises 2018

chart2 - How To Become One of The Top Home Care Franchises 2018Happy New Year! Can you believe 2017 has come and gone and 2018 is here? In my last article Reflections of Successes in 2017, I mentioned several wonderful accomplishments which have happened with, our partners, and many of the home care companies we provide our services to. Heading into 2018, Top 10 Senior Care Franchises will continue striving to grow the company in several ways and we challenge you to do the same within your own home care franchise. We want 2018 to be the year of GROWTH! This could be within marketing, growing your sales department, taking on more clients, growing your caregiver satisfaction, or partnering with more companies within your industry. Below are just a few ways you can grow in 2018 with links to great resources that will help you dive deeper into the how. I am confident these ideas will help guide you to your best year yet.

2018 Goals to Consider


images - How To Become One of The Top Home Care Franchises 2018I wanted to re-emphasize how important it is to focus on your marketing efforts if you really want your business to grow. Consumer behavior is proving the value of having a mobile-friendly website and shifting your focus to online and mobile. It is critical to make sure your Google listing is current and your business has been claimed. Using a third-party to measure and validate client and caregiver satisfaction and incorporating that in your online reputation management builds confidence and trust among consumers who are using the internet more and more to find the right company to care for their loved ones. These are key to growing your agency’s online presence and taking your marketing strategies to the next level.


In the Sales and Marketing section of the 2017, it shows that agencies who employed full-time sales reps made $816,850 (annually) more on average than companies who did not.

Here at, we employ a full-time sales department and I know that our growth would not be possible without them. I am passionate about home care providers investing in a sales team when it makes senses financially if the truly want to have a strong competitive advantage. To learn more about whether hiring a sales rep is right for your business, read What to Consider Before Hiring a Sales Rep.

Training and Retention

You’ve heard it once, and I will say it again. Proper caregiver training leads to retention. Remember, caregivers will need consistent training sessions to keep turnover low. Adapt the content to be about current issues your caregivers are facing. Be creative to keep your caregivers engaged.

How do you find a Top home care franchise?

Start by making a list of companies expanding in your area. One of the Senior Care Franchise Brokers at Top 10 Senior Care Franchises  can generate a list of companies free of charge. Simply complete the questionnaire below to get started:

Senior Care Questionnaire (takes about 5 minutes to complete)

Business Keeps Growing For Care Franchises

Senior Care Franchise-Bing Landing Page



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Marketing a Home Health Care Business


Marketing a Home Health Care Business


images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSFKuX8j9lUVg9DC28eUqw0ZGFpu2H3dyjABVlM4beltZhX9Hzu - Marketing a Home Health Care BusinessHome health care business needs two things to be successful. a good consumer marketing plan and a good referral marketing plan. in my 20 years of helping people make their dreams of owning a business come true I find the “most terrifying part” is the marketing for most.But all franchise companies realize that this is the biggest fear of new owners, and for that reason focus on marketing during their training both in the classroom and in the field.


Consumer Marketing

Consumer marketing for a home health care business is marketing directly aimed at potential clients. the goal is to let people know that your business exists and brand awareness. you don’t try and educate the consumer with your consumer marketing.   The consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages a day, so consumer marketing should be able to .2 a website or a brochure something which gives the potential client more information about your company.

Some examples of consumer marketing are newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads, billboards, a sign on your car door, your website and SEO (search engine optimization), speaking at senior events or attending health fairs, and having a listing on a consumer outreach website, like a franchise website

Depending on your location and your business goals, some consumer marketing methods may work better than others, but there are some methods that seem to work better than others for most home care businesses. According to the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study,” an annual study of the home care industry conducted by Home Care Pulse, the top consumer marketing method is SEO, which refers to methods used to help consumers find your business online. We will discuss this method and other top consumer marketing methods later this month.

Referral marketing

Referral marketing is making contact with those individuals who come into contact with potential families trying to8Ds7sTJ51D7kQAAAAASUVORK5CYII= - Marketing a Home Health Care Business solve the problems of taking care of their aging parents. people like Elder Care attorneys, elder care physicians, case workers at hospitals, discharge nurses at hospitals and social workers are a very big resource when it comes  to  families that need to find a caregiver. And a home health care business you’re constantly building this network of referral sources and educating them on your business. You do this by stopping by to see these people and leaving behind your brochures. It doesn’t hurt to take a long a box  of donuts or a small bouquet of flowers. Something to make you stand out from the competition.

According the “2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study,” the top referral marketing source for home care businesses is current and past clients. Customer service is not always viewed as a marketing opportunity, but in reality your clients should be so happy with your services that they want to recommend your company to everyone they know. Even after they’ve stopped needing your services, they will keep recommending your company to their family and friends if their experience warrants it.

Referrals can also come from those who work closest with seniors, including healthcare professionals, hospital discharge planners, hospice employees, state agencies, etc. The point is to network and build professional relationships with these sources, so they are familiar with your business and the services you provide. When these professionals know and trust your company, they will be more likely to refer potential clients to you.

The Coming of the Silver Tsunami in Home Care Business

Home Health Care Franchise Profits Pride


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Home Health Franchises – Home Health Franchises Make Money

Home Health Franchises – Home Health Franchises Make Money

Artificial Intelligence for Home Health Franchises in Texas

Home Health FranchisesMen and women who are dealing with chronic diseases struggle at times for a wide range of reasons. Senscio Systems has been working on an artificial intelligence that would assist these individuals and help them better manage care more proactively, which can provide them an opportunity to live independently from home.

According to Markets Insider, in a press release from November 14 titled, Senscio Systems Awarded U.S. Patent for Pioneering Artificial Intelligence for Home Healthcare:

”This AI framework is extraordinary in that it functions like the human brain and employs a semantic model to create knowledge,” explained Dr. Piali De, CEO, Senscio Systems. “The artificial intelligence harnesses thousands of data points from within the patient’s home and generates insights that identify and prevent gaps in care, reducing the burden on physicians and transforming patient outcomes.”

The main focus on this artificial intelligence is for the flagship digital health solution Senscio Systems calls Ibis™. This platform will essentially observe and analyze thousands of points of data throughout the day, including about the home environment, behaviors, biometric readings, and much more. It will then determine when there might be changes in behavior or the individual’s health and, if it notes a predetermined issue that needs to be addressed, it will notify either the patient, a caregiver, or care provider (or all three).

This new artificial intelligence will also make recommendations about clinical or behavioral interventions that could be made and this, it is believed, will reduce hospitalizations and even the need for more direct, acute medical care.

Dr. De went on to add: “In the next five years we will see technology start to transform how we care for people in the home and artificial intelligence is poised to become an integral part of home health care. Ibis not only functions as a member of the patient’s care team, it augments the intelligence of patients and caregivers with artificial, cognitive assistance.”

Ibis™ is currently being used by 350 patients who have been dealing with a wide range of health-related issues, including COPD, hypertension, CHF, diabetes, depression, and anxiety disorders. It has logged over 50,000 ‘patient days’ and offered over 1 million

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website. to learn more about the home healthcare business.

Technology And Home Care Business

Care Franchises & Technology

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Home Health Care and CVS Merger

Home Health Care and CVS Merger


cvs 300x169 - Home Health Care and CVS MergerHome Health Care and CVS Merger. When CVS announced its intention to purchase insurance giant Aetna for $69 billion, it sent shockwaves throughout the healthcare sector. Combining an insurance company with the pharmaceutical industry could have far-reaching ramifications. This isn’t the only deal potentially in the works, though, with Humana also in talks to acquire Kindred Healthcare and the impact on home care services could be significant.

Kindred Healthcare also maintains a large network of home care and hospice services throughout many states across the country. This merger would provide Humana a solid foundation of acute care from hospitals to home care and hospice.

As reported by CNBC in the Reuters-based article, Humana in talks to buy Kindred Healthcare with equity firms: Source:

“Humana has been investing significantly in its home health capabilities, Humana At Home, which the insurer touts as a compliment to its Medicare Advantage franchise. If the negotiations are successful, a deal could come as early as this week, the source said, asking not to be identified because the matter is confidential.

The Wall Street Journal, which first reported on the talks, said the deal could value Kindred at $9 per share. On Friday, the company’s stock closed at $8.60, giving it a market value of $750 million.”

After the federal government blocked two major potential mergers for health insurance companies, there has been a vested interest to push and find other ways to expand and grow. That appears to be leading some to focus on acute care, as is the case in this merger deal. Some argue that allowing health insurance companies to ultimately control a large portion of home health services and hospice care, it may limit options for those who are in need of these services, most notably aging and disabled adults across the country.

Advocates for these types of mergers, though, point out that consolidation can help to improve access to these services and lower costs. While the vast majority of men and women who ultimately rely on home care receive support through Medicaid for these services, that is only a short-term option. People who require longer-term care may have to rely on personal insurance plans or pay out of pocket.

It’s unclear how a merger such as this would affect the cost of in-home or hospice care, but with these recent developments, the home care industry is going to be facing new challenges in the years ahead. There’s been no word yet whether the federal government would approve a merger such as this.

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website. to learn more about the home health care business.

Home Health Care Business

Home Health Care Franchise Profits Pride

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One Question To Ask Home Care Franchise Care Givers

One Question To Ask Home Care Franchise Care Givers-One question explores a different facet of job candidates

Z - One Question To Ask Home Care Franchise Care GiversJob interviews often focus on how knowledgeable candidates are, but it’s also important to find people who are able to connect with others, writes Yewande Ige, global recruitment strategist at ThoughtWorks. Encourage candidates to reflect on their empathy by asking the question, “Are you willing to be wrong about your opinion on the world?”

Fast Company online (12/14)

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ComForCare Taps Seasoned Franchise Executive for CEO Post | Home Health Care News

NEWS ADVERTISING RESOURCES JOBS EVENTS ComForCare Taps Seasoned Franchise Executive for CEO Post By Carlo Calma | January 4, 2018 As the founder and former CEO of printing and marketing services company PostNet, franchising veteran Steven Greenbaum thought he knew all the ins-and-outs of his company when he agreed to be featured on the CBS reality show “Undercover Boss.” “I really went into that experience thinking I knew a lot about our owners, about the franchise system,” Greenbaum told Home Health C

Source: ComForCare Taps Seasoned Franchise Executive for CEO Post | Home Health Care News

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A Home Health Business – How To Get A Unsecured Loan

A Home Health Business – How To Get A Unsecured Loan

Unsecured Business Loan for Home Health Business

Home Health BusinessA Home Health Business – How To Get A Unsecured Loan.There is a lot of talk about a lot of different financing options for SBA loans to roll over for business startups and even portfolio. But one we haven’t talked about is unsecured loans. Now lots of entrepreneurs across the country are utilizing unsecured loans as a way to capitalize a small business or franchise because it allows them to gain access to capital without using their personal assets as collateral for the loan. Instead, banks look at the creditworthiness as the deciding factor and it’s very fast for individuals that are running up against a particular timeline. They appreciate the unsecured loan because you can secure it in less than three weeks. Now you can think about it more like a small business credit card using multiple lines of revolving credit. You can put together $25,000 to $250,000 for your small business and there’s no use of proceeds requirement. So you can use it for any ordinary or necessary business expense.

But it’s important to note that because the bank is not taking your personal assets as collateral that there probably will be a larger interest rate assigned to that loan. Now, what does it take to qualify? So if you have a credit score above 690, if you utilize less than 50% of your existing revolving limit, if you had less than 2 increase on your credit in the last six months and no derogatory credit in the last six years, you could apply what we approve for this type of loan. So if you think that this particular option is an attractive one, one that may come with a higher interest rate but doesn’t use your personal assets as collateral.

Check out your finance options with our free no obligation calculator  Click Here to get started

Rising Interest Rates

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Reasons To Start A Senior Care Franchise

Reasons To Start A Senior Care Franchise

Three Reasons to Start a Senior Assistance Services Franchise


Senior Care FranchiseAccording to the Administration on Aging, as of 2009 there were 39.6 million people in the US aged 65 or older, which represented 12.9 percent of the population at that time. These numbers are expected to increase dramatically by 2030, to around 72.1 million. The growing demographic of seniors in this country translates to a growing need for senior assistance services.


There are many reasons to consider starting a senior care services franchise.  Here we discuss a few:


Fulfilling a Growing Need — With the aging Baby Boomer population, the number of elderly folks in the US is Senior Care Franchiseexpected to double over the next 15 years, which will dramatically increase demand for in-home assistance. Many seniors would prefer to stay in their homes and maintain as much independence as possible, rather than live in an assisted living facility. By starting an in-home assistance franchise, you will be fulfilling a growing need in this country.

Doing Meaningful Work — A growing number of seniors will need both non-medical and in the coming years and decades.  By starting a senior care franchise you’ll make a real difference in the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of seniors who will need help with daily activities.

Working in a Recession-Resistant Market — Unlike many consumer products that people often go without during times of recession, medical and living assistance are essential services. Considering the fact that seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population, and considering the numbers of seniors who will require assistance in the coming years, elder care services is considered to be a recession-proof industry.

As with starting any business, there are many considerations, and careful planning is required in order to be successful.  If starting an assisted living franchise appeals to you, visit our website Learn more on our website.

How to Start A Top Home Care Franchise


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