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Successful Executive Care Franchise

Successful Executive Care Franchise

Executive Care FranchiseStrong entrepreneurial skills help home healthcare companies. The Savoie family does not know entrepreneurship. Michael Savoie, the owner of Executive Home Care, Stratford, Connecticut, was also a former owner of Stella’s Italian Restaurant, which received attention at Food Network’s “impossible restaurant”.

With his mother and sister, and after 27 years in the hospitality industry, Michael found a need for home care. The three chose this new initiative and opened Executive Home Care in October 2014.

Due to their success in the first three years of operation, they have now opened a new site in Norwalk. Satellite activity started October 1st. The Savoies received the Top Business Employer Award in 2017 from Hearst Media.

According to the blog, Stratford Restaurateurs Find Second Careers In Home Health Care Business,written by Jeanne Muchnick and published by Stratford Daily Voice:

“More and more people are realizing that home-based care can be a better option for them or a loved one than moving to a nursing home or other kind of senior center,” he said. said, Michael. Savoie].

“At Executive Care, we provide outpatient care services and tailor our care to individual needs.”

Services range from support and support to meal preparation and housework to help with bathing, personal hygiene, and personal hygiene. Executive Care also serves people recovering from illness, injury or surgery.
While there is a significant difference between running a restaurant and a home-care agency, Michael points out that the common denominator is looking after clerks. By treating employees more like family, this helps to build trust and is an integral part of business success.

He also believes that it is important not to set our aging population aside, but to worship and appreciate them. The only regret is that they were not previously invested in the home-care sector.

Headquartered in Hackensack, New Jersey, Executive Care is a franchised enterprise. The Savoie family has built a solid foundation and supports an aging population in the Stratford and now Norwalk areas of Connecticut. For those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine desire to help the needy, home-based care is a great opportunity and demand continues to grow as the population ages throughout the country.

Is Executive the right franchise for you? Contact us at Top 10 Senior Care Franchise for a FREE evaluation and report of the best franchises for your skill-sets and budget.

Franchise Ownership

3 Things You Need to Do to Grow Your Care Franchise Naturally

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Starting Cost Tax Deductions – How to Cancel Start Business Costs

Starting Cost Tax Deductions – How to Cancel Start Business Costs

083117 1532 StartingCos1 - Starting Cost Tax Deductions - How to Cancel Start Business CostsHas your company incurred costs before it was technically “open to business”? Did you know that you can cancel some of these costs in relation to your company as soon as it is operational?

Read on for tips and information about how you can deduct start-up costs, as well as tips if you do not want to immediately claim these deductibles.

What are the deductible start-up costs?

1) The IRS defines “start-up costs” as deductible investment expenditures used for payment:1) The cost of “determining the acquisition or acquisition of an active enterprise or business”. This includes the costs of market control, product analysis, job offers, visits to potential commercial space and similar expenses.

2) The costs of a company are operational (before opening the doors or income). This includes employee training and salaries, consultancy fees, advertising and travel expenses related to the search for suppliers, distributors and customers.

These costs can only be claimed if your research and preparation culminate in the formation of a successful company. The IRS has more information on how to fix the cost if you are not entering the business.

You will notice that computer purchases are not listed here. It is very likely that he bought material before he opened his business. However, they are not considered start-up costs and can be amortized by amortization with different rules for different assets. Get more information from the IRS about depreciation.

Other domestic deductions – Organizational costs

083117 1532 StartingCos2 - Starting Cost Tax Deductions - How to Cancel Start Business CostsIf you decide to enter or organize as a business while you are still creating your business, you can deduct or amortize certain costs. These include the cost of start-up costs and legal fees, the organizational meetings and the provisional salaries of the directors. The association’s deductibles include legal, accounting and presentation costs in connection with the development of the Association Agreement. These costs must be incurred before the end of the first financial year. They must also be debited to a capital account and depreciated over the duration of the transaction. Learn more about requirements and exclusions on

How much can you deduct?

If you started your business in 2011, had start-up costs of $ 50,000 or less, and incurred start-up and / or organizational costs after October 22, 2004, you can deduct up to $ 5,000 in deduct on your income tax return. 2011. If the start-up costs exceed $ 50,000, the $ 5,000 deduction for the first year will be reduced in dollars per dollar as long as your spending has exceeded $ 50,000. In addition, if your start-up costs more than $ 55,000 or more, you will not be able to claim the $ 5,000 deduction for the first year.

For example, if the initial cost is $ 51,000, the deduction is reduced to $ 4,000. If the initial cost is $ 55,000 or more, the $ 5,000 deduction will be completely eliminated. Learn more about

What is the start-up phase?

What is an initial cost compared to a conventional operation? Basically, you are in startup mode during the development and planning phase of your company. As soon as you are active (whether for business or transactions), your costs are considered to be the expenses of an operator.

How can the trigger be claimed?

The tax law required that you proactively charge the start-up costs if you have processed your income tax return. However, in August 2011, you published a new tax law, which automatically assumes that you will choose if you have the right to do so. If you forget to claim this deduction in a previous year, talk to your accountant about how you can offset the lost deductions.

Keep good records!

Make sure you have good records from the beginning and save your deduction claims for expenses. SBA provides the following guide, which includes tax registration tips.

Talk to your accountant before the start-up deduction

You can see from these examples that if your start-up costs exceed $ 50,000, your deductible will be reduced and completely eliminated if it exceeds $ 55,000. It is not.

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website.  to learn more about the home health care business.

How To Start Your Home Health Agency Franchise Stress Free

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Technology And Home Care Business

Technology And Home Care Business

060217 1823 TechnologyA1 - Technology And Home Care Business

TeleHealth is a new fast-growing business. And with the passage of the Affordable Care Act it was thought that millions of Americans who previously had no health care coverage would become interested in receiving better health care and home health care. However, to provide for millions of people to have medical coverage much of the funding was taken from that Medicaid program. In the Home Care Medicaid payments suffered some of those cutbacks. So more affordable solutions had to be developed.

Many technology companies saw the vast opportunities in the home care business and began developing programs to deliver better services and the over 65 population. Phillips technology company began work on improving doctors and nurses staying connected with their patients. This communications gap was especially prevalent in the home care industry. Phillips developed a Tele Health System called TeleCU. This system was designed to be proactive in the care of their patients. It can spot changes in an elderly person and highlight those which require closer and at times immediate attention. Yahoo finance, reported in its Blog the following:

Philips introduces new teleICU enterprise software at ATA 2017, delivering seamless population health management technology to health systems:

“TeleICU technology is a powerful asset in providing proactive care by making quick catches around subtle changes in patient care and showing which patients need immediate attention,” said Dana Gilbert, Chief Strategy and Population Health Officer, Presence Health. “Since implementing Philips’ Tele-Care Manager 4.1 as part of the beta testing process under IRB governance, we have been able to improve workflow efficiency for our clinicians and increase the number of patients that our team can oversee at a time while maintaining improved patient outcomes and thereby giving Presence Health one more way to provide quality, compassionate care.”

The tele-health System is focused on a hospital settings what doctors and medical people are discovering that it has applicability after a patient leaves the hospital and goes home to finish their rehabilitation. It allows hospitals to identify problems which might normally go undetected until the patient needs to be readmitted to the hospital. Under the affordable care act the hospital could face serious penalties from the gov’t. Using this new tele-health software in a test setting a hospital was able to save millions of dollars over a Approximately a one year.

060217 1823 TechnologyA2 - Technology And Home Care Business

Participating in the rapidly growing home health business can be entered into safely with a Senior Care Franchise. At the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises, we have identified the top companies in this very lucrative field. Visit our website to learn more.

Video: Home Health Franchise Helping Make Senior Life Better

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Home Care Franchise-Finding Best Location

Home Care FranchiseIf you’re considering investing in a franchise, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is your franchising territory. Most franchisors will offer a defined business territory for you to work in, but there are some key things you’ll need to consider before you sign on the dotted line.

The location, configuration, size, and composition of your territory, as well as the terms imposed by the franchisor, will be the success or downfall of your business. When trying to find the best territories for your home care franchise, here are some things to consider:

The Size of Your Home Care Franchise Territory

Greater profitability or sales potential aren’t necessarily guaranteed from bigger territories. You’ll often find that the more lucrative of territories are smaller, because it’s easier to create a loyal base of customers through focused marketing efforts. Smaller areas are also easier to manage logistically, so there aren’t areas left unserved. The right size business territory is one that provides you with enough prospects to meet your sales targets, but without being so large that it lowers your gross margin or productivity levels.

The Configuration of Your Territory

The profitability, marketability, and manageability of your business will also rely on the shape of your territory. Consider areas that you can travel from your home to your office or customers with ease. For example, if you’re going to be visiting senior care clients homes throughout the day, you’ll need to make sure you can commute easily. And if you’re going to be direct mailing clients, it’s easier to mail these within one territory without having purchase multiple zip codes or lists.

The Location of Your Territory

If your franchise territory is near to (but not encroaching on) other home care franchise territories, this could give your business a good starting point. Customers within the area may have already heard of your brand, making it easier to get your business going. If you’re the first franchisee in the area, however, be prepared to put more aside for your initial marketing efforts.

How do you find a Top home care franchise?

Start by making a list of companies expanding in your area. One of the Senior Care Franchise Brokers at Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website  can generate a list of companies free of charge. Simply complete the questionnaire below to get started:

Senior Care Questionnaire (takes about 5 minutes to complete)

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Is Senior Care Franchising Saturated?

Senior care franchising a great benefit

I am all did ask the question is senior care saturated ? There is already many well known senior Care Brands in my market. Is senior care franchising a great benefit?

052517 1830 SeniorCareF1 - Is Senior Care Franchising Saturated?This senior care industry is facing many challenges, but saturation is not one of the challenges. As more and more people joined the over 65 demographics group the demand for senior care continues to grow. And there are more and more families turning to senior care franchises to solve or at least help them to deal with the challenges of allowing their aging parents to age at home. From the simplest form of companionship care to very complex medical technicians and private duty nursing Families work to grant their parents with their greatest wish of remaining in their own home.

Recently The Daily Times published an article dealing with this issue by Peg DeGrassatitled Secane woman calls longtime home health care nurse ‘her angel:

“Li sees about two patients a day. She has been a nurse at Pentec Health at 4 Creek Parkway in Boothwyn since 2000. Pentec Health specializes in in-home infusion services. The health care specialty company was recognized last month with a prestigious national designation for having a superior nursing culture. Pentec is the first-ever home health agency to receive a Pathways to Excellence Accreditation from the American Nursing Credentialing Center, a distinction usually reserved for hospitals and long term care facilities.”

Clearly both the caregiver and the client/patient are an inspiration to each other. We see more and more stories published every day about how senior care franchises impact positively the people that they help and their families.

Clearly the senior tour franchise business model and their care models are growing at a rate of 6% compared to non franchised care businesses going at only 2%. You don’t have to look very far to see health franchising has taken so many business models and have come to dominate this sectors of industry in which they do business.

Video How to Get Started Home Health Care Business

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Business Keeps Growing For Care Franchises

Business Keeps Growing For Care Franchises

Care FranchisesMost families want to keep their parents living in their own home as reported in Forbes magazine in the article called “New survey finds adult children want their parents to live in their the home”. Of all the options that families have for taking care of their parents it seems like the adult children agreed with the parents desire to remain in their own home.



As reported in Forbes, in the article, New Survey Finds Adult Children Want Their Parents To Age At Home, written by Robin Seaton Jefferson:

“Nearly 85% of baby boomers and Generation Xers surveyed responded that they would prefer for their parents and loved ones age at home, as opposed to in a professional senior care facility, said Chris Buitron, chief marketing officer of Senior Helpers. “It’s no secret that most seniors prefer to stay in their homes as they age, but we wanted to find out their adult children’s attitudes on the topic.”

They admit that granting their parents’ wishes can be financially challenging. Only 15% of the survey participants said they would like their parents in a assisted living community or a senior care facility.

The majority of those surveyed some 67% said that they would be comfortable discussing long-term options with their family members. That information is very important in that it demonstrates the willingness to have a conversation about this subject which can often be very sensitive to the family member.

The majority felt that when a family member remained in their home the experience was more positive. This should open up new opportunities or care franchises in the future.

Increasing home care franchise opportunities

Care Franchises Booming

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What Makes A Successful Senior Care Franchise Owner?

What Makes A Successful Senior Care Franchise Owner?


Senior Care Franchise

What Makes A Successful Senior Care Franchise Owner?  There isn’t a college degree required, or any kind of professional licensing to open a senior care franchise. In fact if you have the money your “good to go”! Some people think a franchise is a guaranteed profit. Nothing could be further from the truth. A  franchise is a system, you still have to fall of the system.


It is important when you are considering a franchise that you think about what you want your life to be like with your new business. Everyone wants more money, someone to spend more time with your family , while others simply want more free time for their self.


Top 10 senior care franchise consultant Lewis Trio talks of modesty being one of the first consideration would any franchise. Even the most successful CEO will still have to follow the franchise system of business.  its it’s important to remember that the main method a franchise company uses to avoid making mistakes is following a very well defined business plan. So one of the first qualities that a franchise company looks for in a franchise candidate is someone who follows their rules and procedures of business. Everyone says they will follow the rules, but the first time something doesn’t go as planned the franchise owner begins to break the rules and try different ideas of their own. It’s like a train that’s jumped the tracks, once it is off the tracks is very hard to get back on track.


This commitment to following a franchise system is very important in his senior care franchise industry.


One of the Senior Care Franchise Brokers at Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website  can generate a list of companies free of charge. Simply complete the questionnaire below to get started:

Senior Care Questionnaire (takes about 5 minutes to complete)

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Senior Care Franchise Market Saturated?


competition Infographice - Senior Care Franchise Market Saturated?

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Home Health Care Industry Saturated?

Home Health Care Industry Saturated?

080317 1806 HomeHealthC1 - Home Health Care Industry Saturated?I’ve been in franchising for almost 30 years. and a question that I’ve been asked most often is the Home Health Care industry saturated?  As you move closer and closer to retirement you think about things first in terms of cost than the quality of life. In the last 20 years, Senior Care franchising has begun to redefine the quality of life for those of us over 65 years of age. They allow seniors to live a dignified and life fulfilling retirement in their own homes.

There are currently about 6500 Senior Care franchises and about 6,000 independent home health care agencies.  With a population of almost 300 million people and currently then demographics tell us that 12 – 15% are over the age of 65 it’s easy to do the math.  300 million people divided by 12000 Home Health agencies net each agency about 3000 potential clients. If you subtract 30% as not needing the service (according to Health and Human Services) that still leaves 2000 potential clients. An average agency grossing $1000000 in sales would have between 30 to 50 clients. leaving 1900 – 1950 clients. without any coverage for service. And if you figure That the over 65 demographic segment gets larger every day. You can quickly see that this business is nowhere near saturated.

Senior Care franchises fit the franchise model very well. It is a system oriented business model delivering a very personal service. the senior care franchise platform allows its franchise owners the ability to established strong ties with their clients and strong business relationships with their referral Network.

There are 15000 new seniors in the United States every day! And those numbers will increase to 20000 a day in just a few years. The seniors of today have more money, more energy and demand the medical care and attention that they deserve. It is estimated that the home health care industry generated over $300 billion in 2016.There is also a major shift towards aging-in-place. it only makes sense that people would rather live in their own home than a modified nursing home/apartment, or worse! Also, Senior Care franchising is getting a boost from technological advances almost daily. Assistance and safety monitoring equipment have taken a dramatic leap helped by sensory Networks, bio-sensing, robotics, cloud computing and other Telecommunications and virtual medicine innovations. Still another very important factor is the tremendous return on investment that these franchises have. Senior Care franchising represents. With the best ROI in the franchise industry. and with startup costs averaging about $100,000 and an expected return of $200,000 to $250,000 shames all other franchise categories. The senior care franchise business model with their group buying efficiencies and their best practices mentality is making these businesses much more profitable, safer and equity builder then the non-franchise home health care agencies. In fact, the growth rate of franchises versus non-franchises is almost 3 two 1.

080317 1806 HomeHealthC2 - Home Health Care Industry Saturated?There are two basic business models, one offering non-medical at home care which is simply helping their clients with their daily living activities such as bathing cooking cleaning running errands things like that. The other skilled Medical Care where a private duty nurse comes in and helps the client with their medical needs. The problem with the medical care is that the market place for employees is very competitive and f fewer people are in entering these careers.

Some investors are concerned that the lack of regulation in the industry might impact growth. Currently the requirements for caregivers is very minimal. some states require CNA certification (certified nursing assistants) but most have no requirements at all.

Globally, the Senior Care franchise industry is most developed in the US followed by European Union. The increasing of over 65 citizens in the world how a long with Technological improvements, and government reimbursement in many Asian countries This industry can expect will experience significant growth vault in the US and worldwide for the next several decades.

Learn who the top franchises are. Visit the Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website to learn more about the home healthcare business.

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Senior Care Franchises 30% to 40% Profit Potential

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Home Health Care Business

Successful entrepreneurs in Home Health Care Businesses focus on preventing burnout from employees

Home Health Care BusinessIt is an epidemic in the Home Health Care Business. And, no, not unemployment. It is an employee of Burnout. In contrast to the self-employed and self-employed, the employees cannot control. Just try to tell your boss that he will not be late or take a new project.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the leaders by implementing the following tips to reduce employee fluctuation:

Communication and interaction with the computer.

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said. “- Peter Drucker

Study around study has shown that the care givers in Home Health Care Business are stressed at work. Attitudes in the report of the work VII US found that amazing 80 percent of workers feel stress at work. Almost half, they say that they need help to learn how to manage stress, with 42 percent saying their companions need this help.

If you do not communicate with your care givers in Home Health Care Business, you will not know who are stressed, so ask. Is it the size of your workload? Your relationship with a colleague? The work-life balance? Or lack of job security? You will learn the answer when you actively listen to the staff. Start an open door policy or apply a proposal field. Accompany them in the trenches to better understand what they are.

Prashant Saraswat, co-founder, said the entrepreneur to communicate with your team helped manage stress. “Running an e-commerce business is not always an easy task, and the care givers in Home Health Care Business felt the pressure,” he said. “Talk to them and understand the cause of the poor performance has helped us to cope with the head. ”

Train care givers in Home Health Care Business.

If care givers in Home Health Care Business feel they have no voice in your organization, it is natural that eventually become less and less engaged. You will have a higher rate of employee burnout.

In fact, Dale Carnegie Training found that 71 percent of the workforce is not fully employed, resulting in a loss of $ 11 billion per year due to employee fluctuation.

Carnegie Council is to train your care givers in Home Health Care Business:

• Members of the Challenge Team.

• Encourage your passion for corporate vision.

• Provide clear opportunities for progress.

• Apply the same evaluation criteria for all.

• on the way to do their work.

Pay care givers in Home Health Care Business to take their holidays.

071417 1650 HomeHealthC2 - Home Health Care BusinessAlmost all jobs provide vacation for the time, but most people do not use this time, and if they do, probably work outside the city. To change this setting, companies begin to pay their care givers in Home Health Care Business to take vacation.

Evernote, for example, has an unlimited vacation policy. There is also an additional allocation of $ 1 000 workers when they work a week. They encourage the care givers in Home Health Care Business to say goodbye. The initial full contact something called “paid, paid holidays” that employees $ 7 500 per year, as long as the time away from the work there are taken.

No wonder holiday season increased after the policy was introduced. If your paid holiday offer does not work for your organization, you should be completely closed for a holiday.

TED, the conference and the media company actually closed for one in the summer break of two weeks. A break from an additional week on vacation, there are employees a fourth week paid vacation has. The company believes that this strategy is more effective and now rested.

“Most of us also feel guilty to even take two weeks of leave if not planned for us in advance,” said the executive producer of TED Media-June Cohen, fast-paced company. “This creates a period of forced tranquility that is so important for productivity and happiness. ”

Side concerts.

Although a much needed (and deserved) vacation is a good start that breaks the monotony of daily routine? After all, care givers in Home Health Care Business can not go on a permanent vacation.

Therefore, company employees to encourage side to work, their talents and interests based fight. Parallel projects improve creativity and individual satisfaction and can even be a help for the company, which is how Google launched Gmail.

Dropbox is one of many companies that encourages fans who have a “hack week” where the care givers in Home Health Care Business can work on something they do.

How do you find a Top home care franchise?

Start by making a list of companies expanding in your area. One of the Senior Care Franchise Brokers at Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website can generate a list of companies free of charge. Simply complete the questionnaire below to get started:

Senior Care Questionnaire (takes about 5 minutes to complete)

Hiring Care Givers in the Senior Care Industry

Care giver Hiring

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