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Video Purchase Senior Care Franchise

The Smart Way To Buy A Senior Care Franchise-How To Research, Negotiate & Purchase a Senior Care Franchise.


senior care franchise video

Video Purchase Senior Care Franchise

In this information packed 20 minute seminar we will teach you the following.

Chapter one- families vs. franchises- you have got to have your family on board and behind you with your plans for starting your own business.

Chapter two- we will show you a video which takes you through the day in the life of the senior care franchise owner.

Chapter three- we will discuss different questions that you can ask the franchise companies for example how we you’ll help me get new clients, How will you help me find new caregivers.

Chapter four- will teach you how to do the legal and financial research of a franchise.

Chapter five- we will teach you how to interview existing franchise owners. How to ask them sensitive financial questions and general questions about support provided by the franchise company.

Chapter six- we will tell you what to expect when you visit the franchise companies headquarters.

Chapter seven answer all of your questions that you might have about senior care franchise research

Webinars Every Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday. To Register For A Webinar CLICK HERE

Learn how to purchase a Senior Care business with the Senior Care Buyers Guide

5 Major Mistakes Senior Care Franchise

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Video Home Healthcare Franchise Opportunities Are Booming

Video Home Healthcare Franchise Opportunities Are Booming

Home Heathcare FranchisesHome Healthcare franchise opportunities are booming. If you have been watching franchising then you can’t help but notice the tremendous growth and profitability of Home Healthcare franchises. Over 70 franchise companies are developing their Home Healthcare franchise brand today. But with all of the excitement and good news coming out of this franchise sector there is increased skepticism.

Can the Home Healthcare franchise industry really be doing that well? Can this tremendous growth be sustained? Can an investor really believe all of the hype?

You have wanted to own a Home Healthcare franchise for some time, but it is now the correct time to start your own Home Healthcare franchise business? Should you believe everything you read about the Home Healthcare franchise industry?

In fact, a new report identifies many reasons why the Home Healthcare franchise industry will continue to boom and outpace other franchise sectors for many years and decades to come.

The report focuses on the demographics and which the Home Healthcare industry caters too.

The Wall Street Journal published a report on the future of the Home Healthcare industry which will be welcome news to those in the industry and those contemplating joining the Home Healthcare franchise business. The report by wall street journal contributor Ruth Simon gives many reasons why bit Home Healthcare franchise sector is booming!

Demographics reports Ms. Simon tells the whole story. People are simply living longer than ever before in history, and those have who have reached retirement age are healthier and better equipped to handle life than previous generations. 15% of the current population is over 65 and by 2060 t that person each will increase to 24%!

Home Healthcare frame size businesses have grown at a 6.6% annually. Compare that to non-franchise Home Healthcare businesses which have only grown at 2.6%. Less than half of the growth rate of the franchise brands

Visit The Top 10 Senior Care Franchises To Get Started On Your Journey To Owning Your Own Business

What Is A Care Franchise Discovery Day Video?

Increasing home care franchise opportunities

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Video: Home Health Franchise Helping Make Senior Life Better

Home Health Franchise Helping Make Senior Life Better… Learn How To Buy A Home Health Franchise Helping Make Senior Life Better…. Watch this video to Learn How Home Health Franchise Helping Make Senior Life Better


Home health franchise Ownership: Helping Make Senior Life Better.

Home Health FranchiseBeing awarded your own home health franchise represents an awesome opportunity for you to make a difference in your own life —

you will be operating a business with amazing potential! But unlike many other opportunities for starting your own business, it also gives you the chance to provide meaningful support and assistance to those in the community who might not otherwise be able to attain high-quality senior care.

In-home care and the “aging-in-place” movement are driving the senior care industry

just take a look at this recent article in the Wall Street Journal — so there’s little doubt you’re making a great decision as a businessperson. But what’s truly special about being a franchise owner is the opportunity to provide area seniors with the kind of care that helps them get the most out of their “golden years.”

What Today’s Seniors Need

Do you remember visiting your grandparents or great-grandparents when you were growing up?

It’s likely that during their later years, you went to spend time with them at a nursing home or other type of senior-living facility. Years ago, it was common for seniors to leave the home when they could no longer do everything on their own.

Times have changed, though, and today’s seniors are advocating for a better quality of life and more independence.

For many of them, that means saying “no” to leaving home, even if they require some assistance and care to do so safely. That’s where you come in as a home health franchise owner!

What do today’s seniors value?

  • Independence
  • Freedom
  • A comfortable, familiar living space
  • Quality time with family and friends on their own terms
  • Access to top-quality care in a comfortable setting
  • Companionship

The ability to maintain the lifestyle they have come to enjoy

Living a life according to these values is critical for an excellent quality of life.

As a home health franchise owner in your community, you can help seniors remain connected to those values, giving them the chance to truly get the most out of their post retirement years.

Home Health Franchise: Helping Make Senior Life Better.

Be the Bridge to a Better Life for Area Seniors

Home health franchise ownership is more than just an excellent opportunity for you,

professionally. It’s a chance for you to play an important role in your community, helping people who need better options when it comes to living according to their closely held values.

As a franchise owner, you will be providing an important service, but you’ll also be providing seniors and their families with light, love and peace of mind.


Your in-home care business makes it possible for seniors to retain their independence

Your franchise’s compassionate caregivers fill in the gaps, providing assistance around the house so that seniors can remain where they feel comfortable

You will provide a more flexible and affordable option for families who might otherwise struggle with affording more “traditional” forms of senior care

Your business provides the support today’s seniors need to remain independent and free

Owning your own business means making a better life for yourself, but as a home health franchise owner, it means so much more.

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Video Veteran Business Loans

Veteran Business Loans

Video Veteran Business Loans

Veteran Business Loans
Learn How To Get A Veteran Business Loan. Watch this video to understand the steps to get a Veteran Business loan.

Small and Veteran Business Programs

VA Small and Veteran Business Programs implement the requirements to aid, counsel, assist, and protect the interests of small and Veteran business concerns to ensure that the federal government awards these businesses a fair proportion of total VA property and services purchases, contracts, and subcontracts. For acquisition purposes, small and Veteran businesses must be independently owned and operated, not dominant in the field of operation in which they are bidding on government contracts, and otherwise qualify as small businesses according to Small Business Administration (SBA) criteria and size standards.

Select one of the following links to learn more about VA Veteran and Small Business Programs and how VA encourages the involvement of small businesses at the subcontract level.

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Video How to Get Started Home Health Care Business

How to Get Started Home Health Care Business

How to Get Started Home Health Care Business
Learn How to Get Started Home Health Care Business
Watch this video to learn how to start A home healthcare business.

Care Franchises Booming

How to research a Care Franchise

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What Is A Care Franchise Discovery Day Video?

What Is A Care Franchise Discovery Day Video?

How to research a Care Franchise

What is Discovery Day?

What is a Care Franchise Discovery Day Video?When researching a Care Franchise one of the most important components of your research should be to attend a Discovery Day. Discovery Day is simply defined as an open house by the Care Franchise company.

Discovery days are held by franchisors for potential candidates who have met the basic requirements of the company and show promise as one of their new business startups. The day provides both the franchisor and the budding franchisee with a chance to meet up, find out a bit more about each other, and discover whether this is the right opportunity for both parties.

What Happens on a Senior Care Franchise Discovery Day?

A lot of franchisors will have a thorough agenda for their discovery days, providing a mixture of group presentations and one-on-one meetings. For example, you’ll hear staff members and team leaders talk about setting goals, marketing, operations, technology, demographics, legalities, and the mission and image of the brand. This is a great opportunity to meet people that you may be working with and to hear how the brand operates. There may also be other activities such as interviews with current franchisees or touring nearby care franchises.

What Should You Take Away from a Home Health Care Discovery Day?

The information you’re provided with at a discovery day should help to give you a good overview of the company’s values and culture. And, at the same time, it’ll give the franchisor a feel for how you work and whether you’re the right fit for the business.

Discovery days are beneficial for both parties – for example:

A franchisor may benefit from:

  1. You meeting key members of staff and learning about the franchise program
  2. You asking or answering any questions
  3. Talking to you, hearing your thoughts, experiences, and qualifications to make a decision as to whether you should be offered a franchise

A franchisee may benefit from:

  1. Getting a good understanding of how the company works and what’s involved in the day-to-day running of it
  2. Having questions answered when talking to current franchisees – and their answers may be more candid than a manager’s or team member’s
  3. Receiving feedback on their overall strategy and business plan from the franchisor

What Happens Next?

A discovery day is about you meeting key figures within the business and for them to meet you. This enables everyone involved to make an informed decision about whether the franchise agreement should be taken to the next step.

After attending a discovery day, you’ll be able to go away and think about what you’ve learned, discussing the finer details with your family and attorney before you progress to the next stage. Once you’re comfortable with the franchise agreement, and you’ve received the go-ahead from the franchisor, you’ll be able to start your journey towards a successful franchise ownership.

Using the free tools available on the Top 10 Senior Care website you can zero in on the companies that provide the type of business model you are looking for.

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Fazoli’s Franchise Offers New Menu

Menu changes, upgraded plates helped Fazoli’s Franchise rebound from recession

franchiseFazoli’s Franchise grew to 400 restaurants before the recession that followed Sept. 11 took a toll on sales and eventually led to the closure of about half the chain’s restaurants. Today, under CEO Carl Howard, the chain has recovered, enjoying 15 quarters of rising same-store sales after making changes including upgrading the menu, adding table service and switching out plastic plates and utensils for china and silverware.

Nation’s Restaurant News (free registration)

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Home Instead Next McDonalds?

Is Home Instead the McDonalds of the Senior Care Industry? Home Instead Next McDonalds?

Don’t make the mistake of selecting a franchise simply because “you’ve heard of it”.

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Learn how to purchase a Senior Care business with the Senior Care Buyers Guide

Learn how to purchase a Senior Care business with the Senior Care Buyers Guide

Learn  how to purchase a Senior Care business with the Senior Care Buyers Guide. Senior Care Buyers Guide teaches you everything you need to know.

Click Here To Download Your Copy of The Senior Care Franchise Buyers Guide

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5 Major Mistakes Senior Care Franchise

5 Major Mistakes Senior Care Franchise

I have been in the Senior Care franchise business for over 30 years. And some of the mistakes that I see people make most often,

Making an investment decision based on “name awareness” or “having more franchises” is a mistake because the bigger franchises often have the smallest territories. Also the focus is on getting bigger, not on helping new franchise owners on being more profitable. We develop a list of ALL franchises and discuss with our clients the pros and cons of each.

Watch the video to avoid these mistakes everybody makes!


Top 10 Senior Care FranchisesVisit The Top 10 Senior Care Franchises website for more help with your franchise research

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FREE Senior Care Franchise Buyers Guide

Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Learn the secrets of 30 year franchising veteran Lewis Trio

  • The Path to Riches: Which One Are You?
  • Benefits of Business Ownership
  • Benefits of Franchising
  • Pitfalls of Franchise Businesses
  • Buying a Senior Care Franchise
  • Franchise Funding Options
  • Franchise Vocabulary