Business Keeps Growing For Care Franchises

Business Keeps Growing For Care Franchises

Care FranchisesMost families want to keep their parents living in their own home as reported in Forbes magazine in the article called “New survey finds adult children want their parents to live in their the home”. Of all the options that families have for taking care of their parents it seems like the adult children agreed with the parents desire to remain in their own home.



As reported in Forbes, in the article, New Survey Finds Adult Children Want Their Parents To Age At Home, written by Robin Seaton Jefferson:

“Nearly 85% of baby boomers and Generation Xers surveyed responded that they would prefer for their parents and loved ones age at home, as opposed to in a professional senior care facility, said Chris Buitron, chief marketing officer of Senior Helpers. “It’s no secret that most seniors prefer to stay in their homes as they age, but we wanted to find out their adult children’s attitudes on the topic.”

They admit that granting their parents’ wishes can be financially challenging. Only 15% of the survey participants said they would like their parents in a assisted living community or a senior care facility.

The majority of those surveyed some 67% said that they would be comfortable discussing long-term options with their family members. That information is very important in that it demonstrates the willingness to have a conversation about this subject which can often be very sensitive to the family member.

The majority felt that when a family member remained in their home the experience was more positive. This should open up new opportunities or care franchises in the future.

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