Medicaid Services Announced Final Home Health Care Franchise Rules

Medicaid Services Announced Final Home Health Care Franchises Rules

medicare - Medicaid Services Announced Final Home Health Care Franchise RulesYou will find about 6,000 home health care franchises operating across the country that are certified to provide assistance to those relying on Medicare or Medicaid services. These home treatment agencies provide a large breadth of services, including assistance with basic jobs or everyday living, including meals preparation, bathing, and toileting, nonetheless they can provide medical services, physical therapies, and even more.

THE GUTS for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has been focusing on regulations for quite a while to help give a minimum group of standards that require to be met for these home healthcare agencies. To be able to receive reimbursement for the assistance rendered, these businesses have to be approved to not simply have the ability to provide them, but each service must be approved by CMS prior to them being provided.

This new rules change is the first in a few years and practices many years of challenges, demands action, and frustration by some seniors and disabled adults and their members of the family.

As reported by Modern Healthcare in the blog, CMS issues final rules for home health agencies, as written by Elizabeth Whitman:

“Today’s announcement is the first update in many years to Medicare and Medicaid home health agency rules and reflects current best practices for in-home care, based on recommendations from stakeholders and medical evidence,” said Dr. Kate Goodrich, CMS’s chief medical officer and the director of its Center for Clinical Standards, in a statement announcing the rule.

The 374-page rule sets out conditions for home health agencies to be able to participate in federal Medicare and joint federal-state Medicaid programs. They include requirements in training, competency and patient rights.”

To be able to participate (or continue engaging) in the Medicare and Medicaid home healthcare services program, agencies need to meet up with the guidelines and expectations established in this 374 site document. These regulations include issues revolving around training, competency, and patient protection under the law.

Among the highlights of the rules changes is the fact patients and caregivers must receive, on paper, information about the services required and which will be provided. This may including instructions relating medication, clinical professionals working from home health care businesses, and contact information.

The target, according to CMS, is to go toward a patient-centered approach that also targets goals and helping seniors and disabled adults hold the best opportunities to attain the goals established within recovery or an increased standard of living.

The brand new rules will get into full effect July 13, 2017

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