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Artificial Intelligence for Home Health Franchises in Texas

Home Health FranchisesMen and women who are dealing with chronic diseases struggle at times for a wide range of reasons. Senscio Systems has been working on an artificial intelligence that would assist these individuals and help them better manage care more proactively, which can provide them an opportunity to live independently from home.

According to Markets Insider, in a press release from November 14 titled, Senscio Systems Awarded U.S. Patent for Pioneering Artificial Intelligence for Home Healthcare:

”This AI framework is extraordinary in that it functions like the human brain and employs a semantic model to create knowledge,” explained Dr. Piali De, CEO, Senscio Systems. “The artificial intelligence harnesses thousands of data points from within the patient’s home and generates insights that identify and prevent gaps in care, reducing the burden on physicians and transforming patient outcomes.”

The main focus on this artificial intelligence is for the flagship digital health solution Senscio Systems calls Ibis™. This platform will essentially observe and analyze thousands of points of data throughout the day, including about the home environment, behaviors, biometric readings, and much more. It will then determine when there might be changes in behavior or the individual’s health and, if it notes a predetermined issue that needs to be addressed, it will notify either the patient, a caregiver, or care provider (or all three).

This new artificial intelligence will also make recommendations about clinical or behavioral interventions that could be made and this, it is believed, will reduce hospitalizations and even the need for more direct, acute medical care.

Dr. De went on to add: “In the next five years we will see technology start to transform how we care for people in the home and artificial intelligence is poised to become an integral part of home health care. Ibis not only functions as a member of the patient’s care team, it augments the intelligence of patients and caregivers with artificial, cognitive assistance.”

Ibis™ is currently being used by 350 patients who have been dealing with a wide range of health-related issues, including COPD, hypertension, CHF, diabetes, depression, and anxiety disorders. It has logged over 50,000 ‘patient days’ and offered over 1 million

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