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  • Broker Rating 79.6
  • Average Investment: $165,000 – $200,000
  • Phone: 8702-946-0154*
  • Address: 5221 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, NC 28403

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Franchise Information

101 Mobility A Business Helping Others Achieve Mobility & Independence

101 Mobility Core Values

Be Available, Customer Care, Exceed Expectations, Operate with Integrity, Be Passionate

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity with low start-up costs and quick revenue possibilities in a growing industry that does meaningful work, look no further! 101 Mobility is the franchise for you.

Keith Barnhardt and Luke Sampson started 101 Mobility because they saw a need and a growing market. Baby boomers are all grown up and starting to experience limited physical mobility. The largest population of retirees is upon us and with their retirement comes new business opportunities.

David Pazgan joined the team in 2008 – he had worked together with Keith and Luke previously in the mortgage industry. They were working under a corporate model in the beginning and then in 2009 switched to the franchise model.

In 2010 they were able to start offering franchise and then, Luke and Keith put their money where their mouths were and each bought their own franchises! Now Dave handles the business side of things, which includes over 50 locations and franchise owners. That’s a lot of growth in just a few years.

Starting a Franchise in a Mom & Pop Marketplace

Before 101 Mobility most of the businesses selling this kind of equipment were just mom and pop shops that could not offer a lot of consistency, customer service, or variety in product. There was a vacuum there, a space for a quality medical equipment presence, and 101 Mobility stepped in to fill that space.

As demand grows, 101 Mobility grows. Their main products are stair lifts, ramps, and patient lifts, but they also offer a variety of other products aimed at the improvement of life for those experiencing limited mobility.

The business took off like a rocket making over $4 million in sales revenue in the first year alone. How was a new company able to achieve such a booming business right out of the gate? Dave says it was because of their focus on and commitment to quality customer service from the beginning.

“We think very often about if I were going through this process as a consumer, what would I want? We design the processes all around [the customer] and so that’s been a central focus of our strategy from the very beginning.”

As it turns out, the target demographic for 101 Mobility is just as online as other age group, so 101 Mobility is smartphone friendly. They just want to be there for their customers in every way possible.

A Franchise Business You Can Be Proud Of

When it comes to starting up a franchise with 101 Mobility, you are going to start strong. The market is expanding and there is great opportunity for success if you get in now. An investment on average of 165k in the beginning can quickly turn into millions as indicated in their impressive Item 19.

Best of all, there is not a lot of work needed up front. Just a few months after signing an agreement, franchisees can have their business up and running! 101 Mobility is a simple franchise model- just a few employees are necessary, and they are even committed to helping you find the right employees for your franchise. Through an advisory council, lots of communication, and even an annual conference, 101 Mobility is a support system of experienced businessmen.

Not only will you be financially successful, but you will be offering a service that will directly and immediately improve the lives of your customers. Talk about meaningful work!

“What we do every day is we help people, we get a lot of very sentimental testimonials. A lot of times of the equipment that we install changes people’s lives and so, I think strong business minded people who are interested in owning their own company and running their own business are attracted to our program.”

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