Executive Care


Address: 270 State Street Hackensack, NJ 07601

Telephone: 702-946-0154

Franchise Information

The article reveals that as opposed to food franchises, for example, which operate on slim margins, Home Health Care businesses can generate gross margins of 30%-40%! The article also highlights that those who own Home Health Care franchises experience high owner satisfaction.

Consider opening your own in-home care franchise with Executive Care and be your own boss. If you want to experience accomplishment and meaning, see your investment grow, and make a positive impact on your community, one family at a time, then Executive Care could be the Home Care franchise opportunity for you.

The founders of Executive Care have built an in-home care company on a foundation of deep caring and commitment – one client, one family, one caregiver, one community at a time.

Points of Interest Candidates

  • Executive Care franchise concept provides skilled medical and non-medical home health care
  • Recession-resistant Business in a Growing Market
  • Large Protected Territories – 500,000 population
  • Multiple Revenue Opportunities
  • Billing and Payroll Support
  • Earning Statement Claim – ITEM 19
  • Low Overhead, No Inventory, No Build-out
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