Video Purchase Senior Care Franchise

The Smart Way To Buy A Senior Care Franchise-How To Research, Negotiate & Purchase a Senior Care Franchise.


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Video Purchase Senior Care Franchise

In this information packed 20 minute seminar we will teach you the following.

Chapter one- families vs. franchises- you have got to have your family on board and behind you with your plans for starting your own business.

Chapter two- we will show you a video which takes you through the day in the life of the senior care franchise owner.

Chapter three- we will discuss different questions that you can ask the franchise companies for example how we you’ll help me get new clients, How will you help me find new caregivers.

Chapter four- will teach you how to do the legal and financial research of a franchise.

Chapter five- we will teach you how to interview existing franchise owners. How to ask them sensitive financial questions and general questions about support provided by the franchise company.

Chapter six- we will tell you what to expect when you visit the franchise companies headquarters.

Chapter seven answer all of your questions that you might have about senior care franchise research

Webinars Every Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday. To Register For A Webinar CLICK HERE

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Learn how to purchase a Senior Care business with the Senior Care Buyers Guide

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