Confidential Top 10 Senior Care Franchises Report

This report will answer the question "How much money can I make?". Besides earnings information of the top Senior Care franchises in the United States, you will have access to the confidential Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for each franchise. You won't find this kind of information anywhere else on the internet.

Lewis Trio, Senior Franchise Consultant

Lewis Trio, Senior Franchise Consultant

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Lewis Trio, Senior Franchise Coach, Top 10 Senior Care Franchises.

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What are some of the critical questions you should be asking that are answered in this report?

Is the franchise company “outselling” their support staff?

 We rank the companies with the best support staff ratios. We cut through the “sales rhetoric” and look for companies that have solid training and support programs. Many people come into this business and have the “desire” but not all of the ownership skills that are needed to operate a home healthcare business and become a financial success. You need to find a company that you are comfortable working with and will be there when you need them!

Why is a ranking important to you?

With over 70 companies to choose from we have uncovered the best of the best. The Top 10 Report will save you time and provides the information for you to compare Earnings Potential and Return on Investment. We've reviewed the financial information and spoken with dozens of franchise operators before selecting the ten best franchises. You won't find this kind of information anywhere else on the Internet.


How does the franchise company award territories?

Are the territories large enough? This is a critical question. Do they provide a current quote on the number of seniors in their territory? You will have these types of questions answered with our Top 10 Report.

What parts of the franchise agreement are negotiable? 

We have the answers in our Top 10 report.

  • The secret to negotiating the largest territories.
  • How to financially analyse any franchise in minutes with our financial analysis template.
  • Foolproof method of franchise contract reviews.
  • What questions to expect from the franchise companies.
  • What questions to ask the franchise companies.
  • How to Use the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to analyse a franchise.
  • Talking with existing franchise owners is a very important component of your research-we will show you how to get existing owners contact information.
  • And much,much more!


Review Franchise Disclosure Documents

The Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) provide hundreds of pages of information on franchise systems. This federally mandated document helps the reader identify systemic strengths and weaknesses while also outlining the legal relationship between the Franchisee and the Franchisor. Required by law, the Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD (formerly known as the UFOC, or Uniform Franchise Offering Circular), informs prospective franchisees of their rights and obligations before they sign a franchise agreement.

The Top 10 Senior Care Franchises is an educational resource and a Step-by-Step Guide How to Research, Negotiate and Purchase A  Senior Care Franchise ‘how to’ guide for choosing a winning franchise authored by Lewis Trio. Lewis’s extensive experience in the good, and bad, of franchising led him to create this website. 

Our goal is to improve transparency in franchising through the sharing Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) among like-minded individuals. 


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  • The Path to Riches: Which One Are You?
  • Benefits of Business Ownership
  • Benefits of Franchising
  • Pitfalls of Franchise Businesses
  • Buying a Senior CareFranchise: FAQs
  • Franchise Funding Options

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