Technology And Home Care Business

Technology And Home Care Business

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TeleHealth is a new fast-growing business. And with the passage of the Affordable Care Act it was thought that millions of Americans who previously had no health care coverage would become interested in receiving better health care and home health care. However, to provide for millions of people to have medical coverage much of the funding was taken from that Medicaid program. In the Home Care Medicaid payments suffered some of those cutbacks. So more affordable solutions had to be developed.

Many technology companies saw the vast opportunities in the home care business and began developing programs to deliver better services and the over 65 population. Phillips technology company began work on improving doctors and nurses staying connected with their patients. This communications gap was especially prevalent in the home care industry. Phillips developed a Tele Health System called TeleCU. This system was designed to be proactive in the care of their patients. It can spot changes in an elderly person and highlight those which require closer and at times immediate attention. Yahoo finance, reported in its Blog the following:

Philips introduces new teleICU enterprise software at ATA 2017, delivering seamless population health management technology to health systems:

“TeleICU technology is a powerful asset in providing proactive care by making quick catches around subtle changes in patient care and showing which patients need immediate attention,” said Dana Gilbert, Chief Strategy and Population Health Officer, Presence Health. “Since implementing Philips’ Tele-Care Manager 4.1 as part of the beta testing process under IRB governance, we have been able to improve workflow efficiency for our clinicians and increase the number of patients that our team can oversee at a time while maintaining improved patient outcomes and thereby giving Presence Health one more way to provide quality, compassionate care.”

The tele-health System is focused on a hospital settings what doctors and medical people are discovering that it has applicability after a patient leaves the hospital and goes home to finish their rehabilitation. It allows hospitals to identify problems which might normally go undetected until the patient needs to be readmitted to the hospital. Under the affordable care act the hospital could face serious penalties from the gov’t. Using this new tele-health software in a test setting a hospital was able to save millions of dollars over a Approximately a one year.

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